Unreasonable Behavior In Slots Games

There is an opinion among slots fans that it's not simply luck but if you follow some superstitions you'll achieve success in winning slot jackpots. Though many superstitions seem to be funny and senseless millions of players rely on them. The below list provides the most common ones.

Standing while playing

The idea of standing instead of sitting while playing slots has an explanation among gamblers. The point is that if you feel yourself too comfortable the machine will refuse to give you jackpot as you are too lazy to get up and go to another slot. Most casinos bolt their seats to the floor. But if you are playing online it doesn't matter whether you are standing or sitting.

The most common superstition

The most popular superstition is that new slots machines have bigger jackpots and higher chances to win it. This is a myth but customers always prefer to play in recently placed machines believing that they have higher payout percentage. Gamblers think that casino will increase the payout with the aim of advertising the new machine. It's not true but casino like this.

Unreasonable obstinacy

Some players believe that if you are playing for months or even for years on the same loosing machine sooner or later you'll win a great jackpot. This is definitely the most costly superstation that hasn't any reason.

The importance of location

There is a superstition that concerns the location of slot machines. Some players believe that machines situated near the entrance will cause the looseness. So the gamblers prefer to occupy slot machines in the back or in the middle. There is a slight reason for this as some casinos practice this strategy to create a thrilling atmosphere.

Being incognito

Several gamblers prefer not to use their club cards as they suspect casino's manager wouldn't let them to win much. This is funny because no one can influence on slot machines.

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