Un-written Laws Of Slot Games

In spite of the simplicity of rules in free slot machines and the popularity of various slot software, there are some peculiarities in the slots etiquette. In order not to disturb or offend other players you should know the rules of behavior of playing slots in casino. This will also help you to feel more comfortable and enjoy your playing.

The basic rule of etiquette

There is an "un-written law" that frequenters may have their machines. That means that you shouldn't interfere the game when another player goes to the rest room. So how find out a so called open slot? First of all you may just ask someone if anyone is playing in this slot machine. Some gambler may occupier several machines. This is a usual practice when a casino proposes to play on three slot machines if they are located close to each other. When you are playing with several machines simultaneously it will increase your chances to win.

Slot tournaments

When you are playing on a slot machine or several machines you are not limited in time except of the cases when the tournament is concerned. If you are playing for quite a long time you will be propose free drinks.


Tips are desirable when you are offered such services as free drinks. Usually a dollar per drink is enough. The more tips you give to the waitress the more frequent free drinks you'll have. You should also give tips in the case when you won a big jackpot. Two or three percent to the casino stuff is optimal.

There is some more advice like if you go to the rest room ask the waiter to watch your machine. After returning it would nice to give a tip. If there are many people in casino be polite and use only one slot machine. This gives a possibility to play to all of the gamblers.

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