Slot Machine Varieties

One of the most popular types of casino games with operators like Unibet is the slot machine. They can be played both live and online, and there are a variety of different types to choose from.

#1 Progressive Slot Machines>

A progressive slot machine is a machine that is linked to other machines via a network. When you play on these types of machines a percentage of your wager is entered into a progressive jackpot fund. As the machines are connected via a network it allows the progressive jackpots to reach as high as seven figures.

#2 Three and Five Reel Slot Machines

When video slot machines were first created most of them were of the three-reel type. Then as modern machines improved their variability the five reel machines started to become the norm. Three and five reel slot machines are the most popular forms of slot machines available today.

#3 Multi Pay Lines

Multi pay line slot machines have become one of the most common form of slot machines in the past five years. A pay line is a betting area on the slot machine where certain symbols need to line up to win a prize. Multiple pay line machines can have as many as a 100 different pay lines, and betting is usually done on a per pay line basis.

#4 The One Armed Bandit

These machines are only found in live casinos and are one of the oldest forms of slot machines in the business. One-armed bandits are normally three-reel machines and they are activated by pulling a single lever, which gives the machine its name. The jackpots are very minimal on one-armed bandits.

#5 Fruit Machines

These are generally found in live casinos and are a favourite of the UK. The main ethos of the game is to hit the appropriate symbols to gain access to the special feature round where bigger prizes can be won.

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