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Movie-themed Online Slots have become increasingly popular. The most successful films are always used as a basis for the development issues of virtual slots, and we have seen in the past with the Lord of the Rings and Terminator. Some of these games and much more are available at casino. Now, the last new Star Trek movie is the theme that has been used by Virgin casinos to launch a new online slot game this month.

In addition, movie-themed Online Slots have been designed in a special way to delight every movie lover. International Game Technology, IGT for its acronym in English, is coming up with one-of-a-kind slots subjects. You will be able to enjoy new slot games with more than 30 paylines and various visual effects taken directly from the film. This is impossible to miss!

Slot with the Most Popular Movies

As far as bonuses and free spins are concerned, Movie-themed Online Slots will have 4 slots, each designed with an important character in the film. For example, during the bonus round of Captain Kirk, all winnings are tripled, while the bonus round players Spock symbols delivery extras. During the round of several payments Uhura and Scotty round multipliers can win the proceeds.  

The new slot game Star Trek was the result of months of work by the development team of the company and the group aimed to create a pretty close copy of the movie experience. In January, the first details of the game were released on ICE 2011 and now the game will finally be available to the public. 

Virgin Casinos are very excited about the launch of the game as well as the virtual casino players who have been waiting the release of this game for weeks. To review the game you can visit the Virgin Casino this month and be one of the first players to participate in the Star Slots Trek.

Slots games have a long history, they’ve been around for over a century, and have evolved a lot since then. The wide variation between different types of slot games no limit.

In online casinos you will find many slots of all kinds: from simple line up to 50 lines with adjustable betting online, most of them with some prizes of tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands and even millions in cans) of euros / dollars / pounds sterling (or other currency accepted in his case).

More Options

Rocky is a video slot game from Playtech with graphics, sound and video clips from the popular film series. In the bonus round, the Knock Out, the player competes against Rocky's toughest opponents, and win a prize for each round of boxing won, all decorated with scenes from the movies.

Playtech Fantastic Four and Marvel Comics is a slot machine with symbols known comic characters. All actors, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing, have their own screen!

Playtech has just launched a new online slot machine called Iron Man 2, a sequel to the original slot machine Iron Man which premiered in 2010 as part of its popular series of Marvel Slots. This second version differs substantially from the original though, obviously, the general theme is the same.

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