FAQs about Australian Online Casinos

With the time of online casinos approaching faster and faster and fairly settling on the Australian market, many people are left with some questions that need answering. Some are quite basic and can be answered in a few words, others take a longer time to explain as they are more complex.

Online casinos and their land-based counterparts have a lot in common, but they also present a lot of different sides of the same story. This is why many people feel rather confused and seek out the answers to these questions. These are the most frequently asked questions about online casinos among Australian players.

Is a high-speed connection to the Internet required in order to properly play in online casinos?

Not necessarily, as most of the casinos catering to Australian gamblers have user-friendly graphics that is designed in such a way that does not encumber the computer or the Internet connection used. According to reputable casino observers company website, the most reliable casino operators in the market of Australia are Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and Betway. If you are playing in a casino that does have such graphics, i.e. flash animations, pop-up ads, etc. – casinos like Royal Vegas or Cabaret Club, you might experience some latency issues. However, in a rebuttal to this issue, these operators do have the option to switch off these mechanics which would enhance the performance and your experience. To answer the question quickly – while having a fast connection would certainly help, you are not required to have one in order to fully experience the online casino.

Is it true that online video slot games, or ‘pokies’ as Aussie players call them, are more fun than those found in a ground based casino?

The truthfulness of this answer really depends on your definition of “more fun”. If it means a game where you can experience many innovative graphics and game play, then yes, online based video slot games are more fun. This is because they are not subjected to the restrictions of hardware. The issue that many ground casinos have is that they are limited to the capabilities of their machines. An online casino can run more complex games, which leaves space for innovation and improvement. They are also the games with the lowest house edge. This is because online casinos no longer feel the need to charge for machine maintenance, leaving you with the ability to win more and win bigger, making the overall experience a lot more fun. The best pokies themes are normally offered by Playtech-powered casinos – to know such spots you can just check an exclusive list here.

Is gambling online illegal in Australia?

It’s legally not prohibited to gamble online for Australian citizens. Governmental regulations really exist but their impact is not spread on the individual gamblers. The Interactive Gambling Act implemented back in 2001 limits the activity of Australian casino operators, but there are no limits towards citizens playing with international casino operators.

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