Choosing Free and Real Money Slots

The choice of which type of slot machine a player wishes to play is entirely the choice of the individual player but there are several pointers that should be considered.

The important questions

The main question that a prospective player must ask himself is can he afford to play for real money or not? If the answer is no, then the decision has to be to play free slots. Should the answer be yes, then there is a further choice to be made. The next question is “Do I understand the game I intend to play sufficiently well to be able to play with confidence?” Here if the answer is no, then it is a better option to begin by playing a free version of your chosen game.

Casino encouragement

Casino managements around the world have agreed to be very fair in their approach to new players. They offer free slots to new players so that they can familiarize themselves with the methods of play utilized in each game. The game plays the same manner as the real money game but the player is only playing for points not cash.

Loyalty at an Online Casino

Casinos want loyal players who will return regularly to their site. They actively encourage them by giving access to free slots. Most free slots offer the player, at any time, the option to switch to the real money version of the game they are playing. When a player changes to a real money slot game, they automatically qualify for the introductory bonuses that are offered by the chosen casino. This is done to promote loyalty in new players.

Customer Care as well as some other online casinos offer a customer care center. It is available to all players. A new player should use this service to ask questions about the particular game they are playing. This service is provided free of charge by the casino to enhance the players enjoyment of the game.

Response time

Monitor the response time from the customer care centre. This will give the new player an idea of how professional the casino is. The longer the response time the less professional the casino is. Casinos that are highly professional will answer in seconds or minutes rather than keep a player waiting for hours.

Switch Time

Do not make the switch to the real money game until the player is fully confident that they understand every aspect of their chosen game.

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